Terms and Conditions

The use of our Website, or any other communication from us, regarding an offer to purchase or a purchase/sale from us or otherwise constitutes an acknowledgement and agreement by the user or Buyer to the acceptance of all of our Website Terms and Conditions.
A purchase/sale price represents, in our opinion, a fair market value of an artwork or other item after taking into consideration its method of production, printing or publishing, as well as its documentation, references, catalogues, provenance or other characteristics as known to us. We are not professional appraisers or authenticators of any kind.
We reserve the right to amend or correct our Website, or any other communication from us, at any time and where the most recent thereof will take precedence.

Please email us if you require more particulars or clarification on our Website information or otherwise.

Please include Our Reference Number in all correspondence.

Shipping / Payment / Guarantee / Art Information / Other Information


  • Shipping is at a reasonable rate, professionally packaged and insured.
  • Inquire for a shipping quote or delivery time estimate.
  • A multiple purchase/sale shipping rate within the same shipment is available.
  • We ship worldwide by UPS, FedEx, Post or another carrier.
  • Shipping tracking is supplied, as available.
  • Shipping is usually within 3 business days of cleared payment.
  • Shipping is available to a verifiable street address or USA APO address.
  • We are not responsible for shipping or insurance circumstances that are beyond our control.
  • A shipping insurance claim to be paid to the Buyer will be in the amount and as determined by the insurer.
  • The shipment of an artwork or other item is subject to all of the terms and conditions, requirements, regulations or laws of the carrier or any regulatory body and for all of which the Buyer is responsible.
  • The Buyer authorizes us to act as their agent for the shipment of an artwork or other item of a purchase/sale from us.
  • Inspect your shipment immediately on receipt for any visible damage. In the unlikely event of loss, damage or a problem with delivery, please contact us immediately by email. Keep all of the original packaging, contents and paperwork for inspection and follow-up. We have an excellent shipping record. Once advised of a shipping problem, we will provide specific instructions to the Buyer by email. The Buyer agrees to co-operate with the carrier and us to satisfy a shipping problem.


  • A purchase/sale price is in USA Dollars, unless otherwise stated.
  • PayPal payment is accepted. Our PayPal address is artonfort@hotmail.com
  • International Postal Money Order payment is accepted.
  • A Bank wire transfer or e-Transfer is accepted and where the Buyer is responsible for all of the costs.
  • A purchase/sale is subject to all of the applicable taxes and duties and for which the Buyer is responsible.
  • The payment for an artwork or other item, and the related costs, duties or taxes, is subject to all of the terms and conditions, requirements, regulations or laws of the payment method provider or any regulatory body and for all of which the Buyer is responsible.


  • Our Website information, including its Description and Terms and Conditions, or any other communication by us form the complete information for a purchase/sale from us; is described to the best of our knowledge; and represents the total and only basis of a purchase/sale.
  • A Certificate of Authenticity provided to us by others, including a Justification du Tirage, Colophon or such other certificate or justification, and accompanies an artwork or item will be as received by us and may be a copy in some cases.
  • A certificate or such other justification if offered or provided by us and accompanies an artwork or item will be as stated on our Website Description or as may be otherwise known by us, and which certificate or such other justification will be from Art on Fort or another trade name as used by us.
  • A certificate or justification of any kind provided by us is not a Guarantee, nor a professional appraisal or authentication.
  • We guarantee that the use of our Website information, or any other communication from us, for a purchase/sale to be substantially correct or we will refund a purchase/sale price paid by the Buyer, and which price will exclude all other charges, costs or fees, on the satisfactory return of an artwork or item to us in its purchase/sale condition. An email return authorization is required from us prior to a return. In some circumstances, a similar replacement artwork or item may be provided by us to the Buyer in exchange for a return.
  • Our Guarantee is only as stated on our Website and not an expressed or implied warranty of any kind. The use of our Website, or a purchase/sale from our Website information or any other communication by us, is to be taken "as is and where is" and without a right to the Buyer or anyone to claim from us any obligation, responsibility, neglect or default for any charges, costs, fees, claims, losses, damages or liabilities of any nature, kind or consequence whatsoever.
  • Our Guarantee is to only the Buyer of an artwork or item from us, non-transferable, and valid for three months from the date of a purchase/sale.

Art Information (as used on our Website or in any other communication by us)

  • Artwork definitions, terms or descriptions may vary in the art trade or as used by us.
  • A Description may include a title, medium, edition, publisher, printer, date, paper size, type or quality, condition or such other specifications of a printing or publishing of an artwork or as may be otherwise known to us.
  • A photo image, if shown, is usually an image taken from an actual or similar artwork. A photo image may be a portion of an actual artwork, cropped or vary in color or appearance for technical or other reasons. A frame border, if shown around a photo image, is not usually a part of an artwork. We sell unframed artwork unless otherwise stated by us.
  • An Original may mean the only one of an artwork. An Original may also mean an artwork which is printed more than once and by a method of production which is also considered to be an Original in the art trade.
  • An artwork size may be approximate and in some cases may be a trimmed size. A size usually refers to a paper or sheet size unless it is stated as an image or matted size.
  • Condition may show normal signs of aging.
  • Signature in Plate is a signature of the artist printed on an artwork from the printing plate, block or other method used in printing. Other art information may appear in the printing plate, such as an artwork date.
  • Hand Signed, Hand Numbered or other Hand marking (“marking”) stated to be on an artwork may be a marking at the date of the printing or publishing of an artwork and where the inclusion of such marking may be: attributed to the artist; complimentary; from the studio of; undocumented; unreferenced; uncatalogued; unverified; or without provenance.
  • An edition quantity or number is from a printing or publishing description of an artwork or as otherwise known to us.
  • A Limited Edition [also known as an Exemplaire] refers to a number of an artwork out of a total number of an artwork edition which may be shown as Hand Numbered on an artwork. A Limited Edition number or a total edition number may also not be shown on an artwork but is otherwise known by us.
  • Hand marking may include an artist's proof, printer's proof, publisher's proof, trade or commercial proof, edition, date or other type of marking. A marking is often in an abbreviated form, such as AP, PP, EA, HC, etc., (where AP refers to Artist's Proof, PP refers to Printer's Proof or Publisher's Proof, EA refers to Epreuve d' Artist, and HC refers to Hors de Commerce). A marking may also be used to describe an artwork for other reasons or may be in French, English or other language.
  • A documented artwork is one which is documented, catalogued or referenced by a known source or guide for such an artwork. A documented artwork may refer to an artwork printing or publishing and not to a marking on an artwork or may otherwise not be exactly as documented. Documentation, catalogues or references are known by us not to be always correct or complete.

Other Information

  • The singular may include the plural and vice versa on our Website as the context may require.
  • Our Website Description specifies an artwork or item for a purchase/sale.
  • Our Website Terms and Conditions, together, including Shipping, Payment, Guarantee, Art Information and Other Information, apply to: an offer to purchase or a purchase/sale from us, unless otherwise agreed by us.
  • We reserve the right to cancel a purchase/sale and where the full amount paid to us by the Buyer will be refunded.