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  • Shipping is at a reasonable rate, professionally packaged, and insured. Shipping tracking is supplied, as available.
  • Inquire for a shipping quote or delivery time estimate, if required.
  • A multiple purchase shipping rate is available.
  • We package flat, boxed, or shipping tube, as appropriate for each item.
  • We ship worldwide via UPS, FedEx, Post, or another carrier in unusual circumstances.
  • Shipping is usually within 3 business days of a cleared payment, and to a verifiable street address.
  • The buyer authorizes us to act as the buyer’s agent for a shipment.
  • The buyer is responsible for the shipping requirements or regulations of the carrier or any regulatory body.
  • We are not responsible for shipping or insurance circumstances which are beyond our control.
  • Inspect the shipment and content immediately on receipt for any visible damage.
  • In the unlikely event of loss, damage, or other problem, email us immediately. Keep all of the original packaging, content, and paperwork for inspection and email follow-up. The buyer agrees to co-operate with the carrier and us to satisfy a shipping problem.
  • A shipping insurance claim amount will be paid to the buyer as determined by the insurer.
  • A prior email authorization is required from us for the return of a purchase.


  • A price is in USA Dollars, unless otherwise stated.
  • PayPal payment is preferred. Our PayPal address is artonfort@gmail.com
  • A bank wire transfer is accepted and where the buyer is responsible for all costs.
  • The buyer is responsible for all applicable tax, duty, or other cost. An original artwork is import duty free.
  • The buyer is responsible for the requirements or regulations of the payment method provider or any regulatory body.


  • Our guarantee is only as stated on our Website Terms and Conditions, and not an expressed or implied warranty otherwise.
  • Our guarantee is to only the buyer from us, non-transferable, and valid for three months from the date of payment.
  • A certificate, if provided, is not a guarantee.
  • A certificate wording varies in the art trade. We are not professional appraisers nor authenticators.
  • A certificate of the publisher or others, if available, is as received by us and may be a copy in some cases.
  • Our certificate, if provided, substantially includes our Website Description, and may contain other information as known to us.
  • Our certificate is supplied on request, and issued by Art on Fort or other trade name used by us.
  • The use of our Website is without a right to the buyer or anyone to claim any obligation, responsibility, neglect, default, costs, losses, damages, or liabilities of any nature, kind, or consequence.
  • We guarantee our Website Description to be substantially correct or we will refund a purchase price paid.

Art and Other Information

  • A definition, term, or description may vary in the art trade or as used by us.
  • Our Website Description includes information about an artwork as known to us.
  • A photograph image is usually taken from the actual artwork, or a part of, and may vary in color or appearance.
  • A frame border, if shown around a photograph image, is not a part of an artwork unless stated.
  • An artwork is not framed or matted, unless stated. A matted or framed artwork condition or state is only as visible.
  • An original means the one and only, or one of a number of an artwork printed by a method which is considered to be an original.
  • A medium refers to the material or printing method used.
  • An edition is of the publishing, and may be identified as a first, limited, proof, part of a suite, or otherwise.
  • An edition size is the total number published, or an estimate if stated.
  • A limited edition is the individual number of the total number published, and shown on the artwork or a certificate.
  • A signature, name, date, etc. in plate is printed on the artwork.
  • A signature, name, date, etc. by hand is original, and may be unverified or undocumented or at the publishing date or after.
  • A date may refer to publishing, printing, or original, as stated.
  • A size may be approximate, or trimmed in some cases. 1 inch = 2.54 cm
  • A condition is as graded by us using standard methods, and accepting normal signs of age.
  • A reference or documented artwork is in a published catalogue or guide, and which may be incomplete or incorrect.
  • A reference or documented artwork may refer to a printing or image, and not a signature or other inclusion by hand.
  • An artwork may be without provenance.
  • A publishing date, method, inclusion or state often appear to be the same as another publishing. Inquire prior to purchase.

More Information

  • The singular may include the plural and vice versa, as the context may imply.
  • The term sale, offer, or inquiry to purchase can also read as a purchase, as applicable.
  • The term artwork can also read as an item, as applicable.
  • A price is for the item only, and excluding other costs.
  • We reserve the right to cancel a purchase and refund the buyer a price paid.
  • We reserve the right to amend or correct our Website information at any time.
  • Any purchase, sale, or shipment from us is under the jurisdiction of the Laws of Canada and British Columbia.